About Me

I am a middle-aged mother of three teen-agers, wife to an educator who is really a Renaissance man, former opera singer, college professor at a small midwestern liberal arts college, chicken farmer, chauffeur, chef, chief operating officer, and general factotum.

I like coffee, red wine, crème brûlée, and knitting.

We are currently renovating our home.  And by that I mean WE are. You will doubtless hear more about his process if you keep reading.  And we survive it.

We have two dogs, eight chickens, a parakeet (against my better judgment) and a chinchilla.

I’d rather be at the lake than anywhere else on earth.

I love Jesus more than anything, although sometimes I don’t act like it.  Fortunately, God’s great mercy is for people like me.  Which means it’s for all people.